#LTMA19 Cast (Alphabetical Order)

aleks cheesy


Aleks Vickovich is an award-winning journalist, author and commentator. He is Editor of YourMoney.com.au and a regular on-air contributor to the Trading Day, TICKY and Your Money Live programs on Foxtel 601 and free-to-air 95. He was previously Managing Editor at Momentum Media, where he led financial services industry titles IFA, Investor Daily, Adviser Innovation and Fintech Business. He has worked internationally as a news reporter, correspondent, speechwriter and communications adviser.

He was named Columnist of the Year 2017 by Mumbrella and Editor of the Year (Business) by Publishers Australia for his work in re-positioning IFA Magazine as an advocate for independence in the financial advice market. He has been an outspoken and early supporter of a royal commission into misconduct by the big four banks and a critic of cronyism in the financial system.

In December 2017 he published his first book, USA G’DAY: An Aussie take on the American Dream in a blockbuster election year, available on Amazon.

Favourite Play / Musical: Richard III

Company: YourMoney

Title: Digital Editor


Alisdair Barr is the Founder and Managing Director of Grad Mentor who’s sole purpose is to raise awareness of Financial Planning in small to medium firms as an exciting and rewarding career path to ensure the future of the profession. Grad Mentor only works with new entrants to the profession and in the process interviews hundreds of university graduates a year. Most of the graduates end up working in small to medium Financial Planning and Accounting businesses so through this process and experience many lessons have been learnt.

Favourite Play / Musical – Jersey Boys

Company: Grad Mentor

Title: Founder & Managing Director



I am passionate about how the internet and new technologies influence us, our relationships and how we do business.

I am a tech geek from way back, having consulting to corporate’s about websites well-before they even knew what a website was. I had an Apple IIe when I was 9. I joined Facebook 10 days after it was launched. I have lived and breathed the life of a technology start-up (a number of times) developing mobile websites (in WAP and later HTML!) and creating disruptive business models. I have business led the development of websites, email systems, CMS systems, mobile websites, banking & accounting software, portals, intranets.

Recently I turned my attention to marketing and the financial industry, where I am fascinated by the digital behaviours of investors and advisers and how they interact with each other…what they consume online, why they consume it, where they consume it and with what device.

Favourite Play / Musical: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Company: Netwealth Investments Limited

Title: General Manager – Marketing



As the Head of Advice and Retirement at Sunsuper, Anne Fuchs knows that Australians have a problem with money! While many people want and need financial advice, lack of financial literacy and learned social taboos around talking about financial matters mean many end up too scared to reach out. When she first started in the financial advice industry more than 20 years ago, Anne passionately believed great financial advice can change people’s lives. And that hasn’t changed. Today, Anne’s mission is to help clients – and financial advisers – understand the complex psychology of money, and use this knowledge to ensure more Australians get the financial advice they need, so they can live their dreams – now and in retirement.

Outside of work Anne keeps busy with her husband, 3 children and her German Short Haired pointer called Larry who is really very happy.  She is also an activist pursuing her belief that commercial outcomes can be achieved with a social conscience.

Favourite Play / Musical: That is a VERY hard for me  to choose – I’ll go with the Sound of Music because I was married in Salzburg, my children were all baptised in back in Salzburg and their names a very closely linked to the musical – their names are Karl, Greta and Marta.

Company: Sunsuper

Title: Head of Advice and Retirement

Cris Parker


Cris Parker is a driving force behind two of Australia’s most profound initiatives working to bring ethics into everyday professional life. She is Head of The Ethics Alliance, a community of organisations of every size, type, and sector that are connected through The Ethics Centre to collaboratively shape the future of business with ethics. Cris is a director of The Banking & Finance Oath, a program she headed to foster ethical conduct among financial services professionals through support and a pledge of integrity. Cris draws on her psychology degree and her experience as both an actor and producer in establishing a Manhattan theatre company, casting agency, and production studio to include story-telling and a deep appreciation of human behaviour to her work

Favourite Play / Musical: this is tricky for me …Rocky Horror Show because of all the wonderful childhood memories of dressing up, throwing rice and doing the time warp in the cinema. Street Car Named Desire because Tennessee William’s writing is so powerful in the way he explores such a sensitive soul, Blanche (and I performed the role of Stella once playing opposite an amazing Blanche).

Title: Head of The Ethics Alliance


After a transformation from my chef career, in 2001 I opened the doors on my advice business, at the time Financial Services Reform was the big legislative change to the industry, and everyone was running around like headless chickens with fear of change.

During my 14 years growing my own business, I loved providing advice to real people like me, whose lives we made a real difference to. I began to grow frustrated with the pains of inefficient processes and technologies. With a determined mindset, I set about trying to fix all the problems of the advice delivery process, it seemed like a great idea at the time.

I sold my advice business and spent 12 months learning the pains and processes of licensing, working for an AFSL. I went deep down the rabbit hole of RegTech, trying and change the thinking of the regulators and large-scale advice business of the benefits of re-imagining the advice process in a way that consumers and advisers could have a great working relationship, and provide affordable and digital advice.

I am extremely passionate about goals based advice, helping consumers focus on achieving their goals, not just setting them. This has led me to help develop the Advice Intelligence goals based advice platform, where I am now Head of Partnerships.

My goals are to see everyday people like us to have access to engaging advice, the advice they co-create, and remember, access to great long term relationships with advisers who have the technology to deliver efficiently and effectively.

Favourite Play / Musical: Pirates of Penzance

Company: Advice Intelligence

J Pink Wall2


Hi my names Josh Wingrove and my life objective is to have fun! It was Richard Branson who said that “Life is a helluva lot more fun if you say YES rather than no”. So, as a Financial Adviser, I believe my job is to help our members live lives that are more fun by saying YES and to making finances fun in the meantime!

I’m a country boy from a small town in SA and have been a Financial Adviser for the past 7 years after seeing the light from working as an accountant. The last 4 years I have been privileged enough to be running Pursue Wealth with my partner Sam Robinson, where we are actively trying to bring finances and social media together. My passion lies with helping motivated individuals between 25-45 achieve financial freedom whilst balancing a fun and fulfilling lifestyle and we do this by attracting them with a strong marketing plan on social media and online.

I am passionate about the Adelaide Crows, any competitive sport and am partial to an awesome burger!

Favourite Play / Musical: I was roped into going to Grease the musical which put me off musicals for life! Since then I have grown the courage to give them a try again and really loved The Book of Mormon.

Company: Pursue Wealth

Title: All round finance guru but also a Director and Financial Adviser

Judith headshot cropped AS (2)


Judith is Founder and CEO of Financial Executive Women (FEW) – FEW promotes the positive progression of women through experience, guidance and support. Judith developed FEW to recognise a need for the industry to provide a confidential base for women to obtain support and guidance from career advocates in an effort to help them realise their full potential. Now celebrating their sixth year. FEW is national and in 2018 Judith launched FEW Good Men, to include men as advocates to senior women in the industry. Judith’s goal is to ensure equality is for all.

Judith was also the Founder and Managing Director of Financial Recruitment Group, a well know and successful Executive Search Specialist within Financial Services which was established for over 20 years. Judith successfully placed hundreds of candidates over the years at Senior to MD level within the industry. In 2017 to follow her passion of ensuring women have the right support systems to advance their careers, Judith decided her sole focus would be FEW. Judith has a high profile in the industry and has been a mentor to some of Australia’s most successful executives. Judith has also completed her MBA in Human Resource Management.

Favourite Play / Musical: Right now my favourite musical is The Greatest Showman because it’s a story about somebody who grew up poor without advantages and was determined to succeed in life. But my Ultimate Musical is White Christmas, because it’s nostalgic. My family watched it every year when I was little and it brings back happy memories.

Company: Financial Executive Women

Title: CEO


I love advice. I love helping build tools that allow advisers to provide advice on their client’s terms.

In the wake of the Royal Commission, much of the advice industry is now operating under large levels of uncertainty. But where there is uncertainty there is opportunity. We are living through a ‘watershed moment’ where the opportunities for advisers to engage, assist and service their clients are immense. I want to help advisers make the most of this moment and go beyond just “best interest’ to “amazing outcomes”.

Favourite Play / Musical: I’ve always been fond of Jake and Elwood Blues. The Blues Brothers. The reason for this is that I like both kinds of music… country *and* western. I also advocate wearing sunglasses at night.

Company: Midwinter and Kamino

Title: Managing Director



Matthew, better known as Hawk, has over 12 years’ experience in the Financial Services Profession. He owns an integrated Financial Planning and Accounting business with over 25 staff, servicing clients in and around Hobart. Noticing a gap in the market in 2012 he embarked on a journey to successfully integrate the services of Accounting and Financial Planning. Whilst he purchased the accounting business, Elevate Wealth has organically grown over the past 6 years extracting relationships and fostering the transfer of goodwill from the accounting business to provide a complimentary service to clients in financial advice.

The bottom up approach of organically growing the financial planning business has meant significant time has been spent on developing trust, education and building long term relationships with not only the accountants but the clients seeking advice.

His vast experience throughout his career provides him with the skills to understand and articulate clients’ financial and lifestyle challenges with great clarity. He has the unique ability to explain often technical concepts in client-friendly language.

Favourite Play / Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Company: Elevate Wealth

Title: Owner and Financial Adviser



Making sure your Bio is just right is a very important job… that’s why Matt’s taking a little longer to prepare his to make sure it is exactly perfect in every way.

Favourite Play / Musical: So many to choose from…let me think about that and I’ll come back to you!

Company: Netwealth Investments Limited

Title: Joint Managing Director


Mel’s life and thinking regarding financial advice and financial support, changed in a huge way when she witnessed her mum’s battle with cancer. The financial ‘ripple effect’ and emotional turmoil lingers long after your lose a loved one. Her purpose is now driven towards having the courage to have ‘those difficult conversations’ and always, always look for a better way to do things so that more people can get the support they need, the way that they want, at the price they can afford.

Being a major contributor to The Advice Movement with likeminded people, and embracing new ways of thinking provides an exciting opportunity ‘to dream the impossible dream’.

Favourite Play / Musical: Moonlight and Magnolias.

Company: MLC Life Insurance

Title: Distribution Effectiveness and Capability Manager

002Mia Taylor Personal Financial Adviser


Growing up I was always worried amount money. Now I have made it my career to remove the stress and worry money can cause for others. I love that moment where you see your client let out a big sigh of relief, the tension noticeably leaving their body. Financial Advice is an incredibly rewarding job, but it’s not an easy career path.
There will be multiple hurdles to overcome, constant changes to adapt to and the need to always be pushing forward looking for ways to innovate or improve what you are doing. I’m a huge advocate for Advisers empowering, promoting, and educating other great advisers. There’s huge value in talking to other advisers who are also looking for improvement, sharing ideas, and finding better ways to do things. Ultimately, it’s that sort of collaboration that can have benefits for the whole industry, raising the professionalism and delivering more value to clients.

Favourite Play / Musical: A Mid Summer nights dream, Macbeth, and Othello. I can’t stand musicals!

Company: Evalesco Financial Services

Title: Personal Financial Adviser


An obsession with reading, writing and human behaviour led me to a career in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations and relationship management within financial services, which I have pursued for the past 9 years.

Having a creative imagination has encouraged me to work alongside innovative businesses (like Midwinter) that allow me to push the envelope in order to increase brand awareness and achieve growth in unique and exciting ways. I am particularly passionate about both women in financial services and women in technology and try to involve myself in both these facets of the industry as much as possible.

My biggest passion will always be reading and books – especially poetry. I delight in seeing how words and phrases are put together to form something beautiful and to invoke emotion in the reader or listener.

Favourite Play / Musical: My favourite play is Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams and his writing has played a key role in my love of reading, theatre and the creative arts.

Company: Midwinter and Kamino

Title: Senior Manager – Brand

Peita Diamantidis - Web Resolution-001


I’m Peita D, D being for DisastrouslyLongGreekNameAcquiredFromMyGorgeousHusband.

After being an Actuarial Studies survivor at uni, my first adventure in finance was set in the shark infested waters of Investment Banking. Aside from proving that a human can actually work over 100hrs in any given week, this taught me the need for experts to be able to translate the complex for their clients – super smarts simply weren’t enough, storytelling was a must. When I made the transition into Financial Advice this need to simplify the complex continued to ring true, and culminated in the release of my first book ‘Finance Action Hero: Basic Training’ in May 2014, with the followup ‘Finance Action Hero: Mission Possible’ released in September 2016.

However, over time it became clear that there was an additional mindset I needed to develop and tap into – the entrepreneurial mindset – with a focus on being nimble, looking for constant improvement and constantly questioning the norm. This ultimately resulted in my current fascination with applied innovation – the adoption of innovative business models, the development of innovative products and technologies and the engagement of the public in more innovative ways.

As we all get smarter at the WAY we do things in the advice world, I can’t wait to see what creativity & innovation does to the WHAT we do, and ultimately the breadth of WHO we can help.

Favourite Play / Musical: How does one pick! Best theatre experience was seeing Tom Hanks in his Broadway debut in Lucky Guy. As for musicals, while I loved the Book of Mormon, the best written, performed and produced musical would have to be Matilda. It may also be because I consider her my spirit animal … “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable” – Matilda.

Company: Caboodle Financial Services

Title: my team would probably say MD actually stands for Mischief Director rather than Managing Director



I’m Phil Thompson. I followed that well trodden path ‘falling’ into financial advice. . . . . I was a world class circus acrobat, performing one armed handstands on someone’s head, then made the obvious career progression into financial advice. 6 years ago I started my practice and have used video to scale my time and business to allow me to still be a solo practitioner, outsource almost everything that isn’t client facing & only work 30 hours a week to spend more time at home with my three daughters and beautiful wife.

Favourite Play / Musical: Cirque du Soliel (it’s kind of like a play)

Company: Thompson Financial Services

Title: Financial Adviser & Mortgage Broker

Russell Hannah (2)v2


Russell’s most important role is being husband to Fiona and dad to Joshua (6) and Emilia (3). He is an AFL tragic who also enjoys the occasional round of golf and recently completed Kokoda.
From a work perspective Russell is responsible for leading the distribution function at MLC Life Insurance and has a burning desire to re-imagine the way traditional business development roles are evolved to meet the changing needs and expectations of advisers.

Favourite Play / Musical: The Lion King, Hakuna Matata

Company: MLC Life Insurance

Title: General Manager, Retail Insurance Distribution

S Pink Wall2


Hey I’m Sam, Sammi, Robbo or S-Boss. I’m on a mission to make finance fun and real by empowering our members get in control of their finance while having a kick ass lifestyle. Growing up in Toowoomba in QLD I started in advice after seeing my beautiful mum have a weight lifted off her shoulders and gain some options back in her life.

I then moved to Melbourne in 2011 and started Pursue Wealth with my legend partner, Josh Wingrove.  Our passion lies with helping motivated individuals between 25-45 achieve financial freedom whilst balancing a fun and fulfilling lifestyle. We love connecting and showing our members that we are real and are have the same passions and goals as them. We communicate, connect and most importantly educate through our social media.

Favourite Play / Musical: No brainer! I am all about sparkles, romance and Disney, and Aladdin the musical ticked all of these boxes for me.

Company: Pursue Wealth

Title: Queen S, but some also know me as Director and Financial Adviser

The Don


I always wanted to be a teacher. When I left high school I was preparing to enter university and start my journey to get a teaching degree. Then life intervened. An AFL (VFL back then) offer landed in my lap, so I decided that this was where I wanted to direct my immediate efforts, so decided to defer my study & teaching aspirations for a while. Whilst playing football, I decided to get a job to supplement my meagre football earnings. This job was in a financial services business specialising in Superannuation and General / Life Insurance. My AFL career ended after 3 years, but my career-long involvement in financial services has been in play for over 30 years now. I realised about 7 years ago that my career (mostly building and leading institutional AFSL’s, and working closely with practice owners in the IFA market) had morphed into education…I had in an unexpected way, finally become a “teacher”. Two years ago I jumped out of my corporate career to found The Strategy Institute  – an education and consulting organisation focused on fuelling ambitious business leaders who want to think through, choose and do the things that matter most for a wildly successful future. Here’s to those of you I can help with a strategy to make some Masterful Moves – for a wildly successful future!

Favourite Play / Musical: Jersey Boys – the jukebox musical! I loved the way it was presented in a documentary-style format that dramatised the formation, success and eventual break-up of the 1960s rock ‘n’ roll group The Four Seasons.

Company: The Strategy Institute

Title: Managing Director


Steve was one of those annoying kids in school that always asked “why do we have to do it this way?”  and it’s probably that sense of finding better ways to do things, that has driven him to create this conference.   Sure the other financial advice conferences are all great in their own way, but none of them (in his opinion anyway) ever really allowed you to walk away having actually BUILT something!

When he’s not building conferences with the help of his amazing crew (thanks Mel, Naomi and Peita) he’s spending time coaching other financial advisers on how to deliver a bunch of different advice models to GenXYZ clients.

And he loves doing this from his brand new home office, which he loves almost as much as his wife Mel, and his three boys… he built the office so he can work from home every possible day to be there with the boys… because that’s what building a business is really about.. being able to spend more time with your family.

Favourite Play / Musical: Les Misérables and yes he is still waiting for the Rebels to win the battle… he thinks if he waited around long enough that would have happened!

Company: The Advice Movement and Experience Wealth

Title: Founder and Leader

Stew Bell


I’m Stewart. I’ve been consulting and coaching within financial services for two decades, and during that time have written two books, launched at least six programs and coached well over 400 firms directly, thousands if you count conferences and large workshops.

What I’m really interested in the sweet spot between progressive advice business models and the kind of tech startup thinking you find coming out of Silicon Valley. I like to cook it all up, mash together ideas and try to make idea babies, which is basically what The Leveraged Advice Firm is the result of.

The only Playstation game I’ve ever finished was The Last Of Us, and i never play on anything except “easy” mode.

Favourite Play / Musical: I’m sorry to admit that I hate musicals. People don’t burst into song in real life, so I don’t get why they’d do it in a movie. It baffles me. Except Frozen. That makes sense.

Company: Audere Coaching & Consulting

Title: Business Coach & Founder (The company is my own creation, the dog is the real boss)