23rd Nov, 2020 to 25th Feb, 2021 On Demand Session Now Available LTMA Launch Pad On Demand Session Now Available 23rd Nov, 2020 to
25th Feb, 2021
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Our Advice Movement Partners


Our LTMA Launch Pad Partners


Taking Your Business Ideas from Blueprint to Blast-Off!

Coming to your Virtually from November 23 to February 25

This is what we’ve been building up to over the past two years.  Sure a normal 3 or 4 day event is great, but we believe the real measure of value you get from an event, is based on what you’re able to build with what you learn.  So at LTMA Launch Pad we’re not only going to give you loads of great ideas.. but we’re also going to support you to build them into something you can actually launch in your business.  And we’ll help you do that in Peer Groups all facilitated inside our brand new Virtual Collaboration Zone.  Finally, in case you miss a session, we’ll record all the Blueprint and Blast-Off sessions for you and make them available via the Advice Movement school site as well.

Who should come along?


LTMA Launch Pad is for you if you answer “Yes” to any of the following:

  1. When it comes to your client offer…you have at least one thing on your “to-do” list!
  2. You love working on your to-do list as part of a peer group, rather than just having to do it on your own
  3. You want to hit the ground running in 2021 and like the sound of working on your project over a 10 week program

How LTMA Launch Pad is different to normal events.


It’s time to dust off your business to-do list and over 10 weeks – with your peers take them from Blueprints to Blast Off!

Over 10 weeks we’ll help you and your peers design, build and launch that client focused project you’ve been meaning to get around to…

Most conferences for Financial Planning businesses, as great as they are, tend to keep the content broad to ensure there is ‘something for everybody’ that attends.  That is ok … but we all know that it is much easier to see the benefit of any concept or idea that is discussed, if we’re filtering it either through the business lens, or client lens.  In February at “LTMA’20” we put the focus purely on the business… specifically we broke our content into sessions that were focused on different business life stages – Start Up / Next Phase / Established.

We think right now, with everything that is going on in the world, it’s time to put the focus back on our clients… specifically the three most common types of clients that Financial Planners are targeting in the 2020’s – Gen Y (a.k.a. “First Timers“), Gen X (a.k.a. “Inbetweeners“) and Pre-Retiree’s (a.k.a. “O.K. Boomers“).

Each Client Lifestage is unique, with financial headaches and goals that only apply to that stage in life. That is why the types of “Advice” they are seeking are typically different from one another. A young couple starting their family will have a completely different need and experience around say, insurance advice, as will someone in the second part of their life, whose kids are ‘off their hands’…This is why, at LTMA Launch Pad – we’re tailoring all the content from each session, specifically to the type of client it relates to.

LTMA Launch Pad will run in 3 phases:


During the Blueprint phase, LTMA Launch Pad attendees will get a chance to hear from experts during 17 LIVE sessions across 4 days in November.  Monday to Wednesday’s sessions will be focused on different elements of what “Advice” means to each of the three Client Lifestages that will drive advice into the 2020’s – First Timers, Inbetweeners & O.K. Boomers.  Thursday’s sessions will cover a broader range of issues and insights facing all Client Lifestages in 2020.

We’ll bring a mix of presentations, panel discussions and coaching sessions delivered by our Practitioner, Partner and Industry coaches, who specialise in that Client Lifestage.


During the Build phase, LTMA Launch Pad attendees will be supported through the design and build of your Client Lifestage project.  So we can support each other in our projects, we will provide attendees with a “10 Week Project Workbook” including 5 activities over 5 weeks focused on the business benefit, the client (target/ideal) profile, the process, the pitch and the launch.  And another 3-5 activities over the other 5 weeks focused on the specific element of your offer you want to work on (e.g. Insurance advice offer for First Timers or Investment advice offer for O.K Boomers).

The “Build” will also include 9 LIVE Project planning sessions (3 per Client Lifestage) in Dec/Jan & Feb… and will include dedicated Peer Group (rooms) inside our Virtual Collaboration Zone


During the Blast-Off phase, LTMA Launch Pad attendees will be supported with 9 more sessions across 3 days in February.  Sessions will be focused on what you need to do, to put the finishing touches to your projects, and will again be grouped by each of the three Client Lifestages that will drive advice into the 2020’s – First Timers, Inbetweeners & O.K. Boomers.

And to make these sessions even more valuable, we’ll be bringing 6 LTMA Launch Pad attendees onto our virtual stage, to share what they have built over the 10 week project.   We’ll also have a session sharing learnings from each of our Peer Groups over the project, and finally we’ll look into the future, and share how the Advice Movement will support you after LTMA Launch Pad, to either finish off your project, or get started on your next one!

Let’s meet our Advice Seekers…


Meet the First Timers

These are those clients who are in the start up stages of their financial journey. They could be a Sam or Sally “Financially” Single.. they could be “Blenders” (couples bring their financial worlds together through a joint goal) or maybe First Time Families..

No matter which type of First Timer they are, they have one thing in common… old school financial advice just doesn’t work for them… sure they’ll discuss Super and Retirement with you, but they’re more interested in:

Saving more of the decent pay increase they just got, moving into a nice place to rent, having a decent travel (and lifestyle) budget, working out how to blend their accounts and financial worlds together, saving for their first property, starting a family, managing maternity leave, return to work and childcare.

They absolutely want to talk to you about Super, Insurance, Investing and Estate Planning – but they want you to focus on the aspects that are most relevant to them… like using Super to pay for insurance, do they really need Life Cover, or should they just get some Trauma – and by the way is that the same as Health Insurance.. we know we need a “will” but what else do we need to get sorted… and can you help us with mortgages and buying a decent property without getting ripped off?

Oh… and by the way they’re pretty tech savvy and do a crap tonne of research and know that they can probably ask for a set fee if they prefer that… and we only deal with businesses who have a good social conscience, can work with us remotely and use Tech that makes our life easier..

If these First Timers sound like the type of clients you want to build your “2020’s Advice Ready” offer around then this Peer Group is for you.

Meet the Inbetweeners

These are those clients who are in the next stage of their financial journey. They could be juggling the needs of their kids, with their own needs and some might even have started having to deal with looking after their parents needs as well.

They typically feel like they have ticked a couple of things ‘off their list’ but definitely not everything they want to achieve before they even consider talking about the “R” word.  They’re struggling to get a better balance both individually and as a couple because it just seems that work and the kids are taking up all of their time.

No matter which type of Inbetweener they are, they all have one thing in common… old school financial advice just isn’t enough for them anymore… sure they’ll say they want to get their Super and Insurances reviewed to make sure they’ve got “the best setup”, but once you get them talking you’ll find out they’re more interested in:

  • Figuring out if there is a better way to plan and pay for their kids education (School and Uni)
  • Paying off the massive bloody mortgage that they’ve still seem to got
  • But it would be nice to have more space.. so maybe a Home Renovation?
  • Having more experiences of their own – from date night to weekends away (maybe without the kids..)
  • Teaching their kids the value of money and help them see how they earn money, where it goes and how to save it.. as well as protecting them from developing poor online spending habits.
  • Being prepared for the day they need to start taking control of their parents care and finances.
  • And given what we’re all going through right now… just knowing that we’ll have “enough” to have a decent retirement.

They absolutely want to talk to you about Super, Insurance, Investing and Estate Planning – but they want you to focus on the aspects that are most relevant to them… like using Super to pay for insurance, do they really need as much Life Cover as they have? and when it comes to Estate Planning they know they need to do it, but the thought of having to choose guardians for their kids gives them a stomach ache…we know we need a “will” but what else do we need to get sorted…

Oh… and by the way they’re actually pretty tech savvy and are ok having some or even most of their meetings online…. but they like the idea of meeting in person as well.  They’re more likely to deal with an adviser that has been referred to them by a friend or colleague.. and they expect that you’ve done this type of advice before.. they don’t really like being part of a ‘new pilot project’..

If these Inbetweeners sound like the type of clients you want to build your “2020’s Advice Ready” offer around then this Peer Group is for you.

Meet the O.K. Boomers

O.K. Boomers aren’t retired yet, but they’re really looking forward to getting there soon.  They’re worried they don’t have enough…maybe they do, and maybe they don’t – but it’s not knowing that stresses them out.  They’ve still got time but they want to make sure…because once they stop working they don’t want to have to start up again, or lead a life in retirement that they hadn’t planned on.

From a family perspective their kids might have moved out of home, but they still need their help… most will need a helping hand getting into the property market in some shape or another, and what comes with that is a risk that your O.K. Boomers might have a mortgage again – after having paid the thing off… maybe they just help out a little bit… or maybe it’s a gift…. I guess they’ll need help figuring that part out.

As they get closer to retirement, and their Super balance starts to grow they seem to be taking more interest in what is going on with their retirement nest egg. Some of them are acutely aware that their money has to last for 30 years or more, but some might not have thought that far ahead. But that’s o.k. because the government will help them out with Centrelink benefits anyway…won’t they?

For some of them, their retirement funds will be a pretty large sum of money… and most don’t have any experience in dealing with having that much money available to them… they’re the lucky ones… some are coming to grips with the prospect of not having enough, and the reality that they’ll either need to work longer, save more now by spending less (even though they resent the idea of needing to budget at their age), or maybe taking a few more risks than they would have ideally liked to. Some singles might be given the responsibility of managing their finances for the first time – with their partner previously dealing with this sort of stuff.

Helping their kids is always a priority, and some might even want to help out with the grand kids…just as long as they still get to travel and enjoy their retirement when it arrives.. which brings them to that holiday house they’ve always wanted… need to plan for that. Their parents are nearing their final stage in life, or may have already passed, which means O.K. Boomers are very much aware about their own mortality…but that doesn’t mean they’ve got all their ducks in row when it comes to their own Estate Plan.

From an advice perspective they’d love help with:

  • Reducing or managing their insurances
  • Getting a bit clearer on the run to the finish line for work, and what that means for their Super
  • Taking a bit more of an active role in their investments… not necessarily day to day, but they’d definitely like to know what is going on more than what they did in their 30’s and 40’s
  • If not already sorted..let’s get those Wills setup and make sure our kids / grand kids are taken care of
  • Property is big for them now, so maybe another investment, or holiday house
  • Debt – if they are going to help the kids get into the market how can they support that without exposing themselves too much or even at all?

They’re not as bad at using technology as their bloody “First Timer” kids make out… but they like meeting in person anyway… always feel good to review how things are tracking when they can see their planner.

They’re only going to deal with someone referred to them by a friend or colleague.. and they expect that you specialise in people like them.. and since they might have dealt with a ‘planner’ previously that didn’t give them what they were looking for, you might have to be patient with them as they get to trust you…

If these O.K. Boomers sound like the type of clients you want to build your “2020’s Advice Ready” offer around then this Peer Group is for you.



35 Sessions brought to you over 16 days, across November / December / January and February

What You’ll Learn at LTMA Launch Pad – Blueprint Sessions


17 idea starting sessions over 4 days in November (23 – 26)

Blueprint sessions are all designed to give you ideas around what “2020’s Advice” actually looks like through the lens of the three most targeted Client Lifestages – First Timers, Inbetweeners and O.K. Boomers.

On Monday (First Timers Day), Tuesday (Inbetweeners Day) and Wednesday (O.K Boomer Day) you’ll be able to join 4 sessions each day.  A panel discussion, a session around Insurance advice, one on Investment Advice and finally a business coaching session.

Then on Thursday (Advice Seekers Day) we’ll have a session around Diversity and Inclusion, sessions from two of our Partners around innovation and advice design, a session on strategy and we’ll also have a bit of fun with our Space Race quiz.

Sessions Run by: Our Partner, Practitioner and Industry Coaches

What You’ll Create during the LTMA Launch Pad – Build Sessions


9 action oriented sessions, and working in Peer Groups inside the VCZ

Build sessions are designed to start to create or modernise your “2020’s Advice” offer for your chosen target Client Lifestage group.  By now you’ve decided which aspect of your offer you want to work on during your “10 Week Launch Pad Project” and so these sessions have been created to help you work through your project, and your activities in your Workbook, with the support of your Coaches and your Peer Group.

We’ll bring you 9 sessions (3 per Client Lifestage) over the 10 weeks to help you get started (December) and work through the major milestones of your Project (January & February Sessions).  In between sessions, you’ll be able to collaborate and swap ideas with other LTMA Launch Pad attendees, inside your chosen Client Lifestage “Peer Group” (First Timers / Inbetweeners / O.K. Boomers) via the Virtual Collaboration Zone.

To make life even easier, we’ll be producing Workbook templates for each Client Lifestage – which will be sent to you at the start of the event, and it will also be available to download inside the VCZ and School site….

Sessions Run by: Our Partner, Practitioner and Industry Coaches

Finish What You Started at the LTMA Launch Pad – Blast-Off Sessions


9 sessions to help you put the finishing touches to your 10 Week LTMA Launch Pad Project

Blast-Off sessions are designed to help you finalise your “10 Week Launch Pad Project” and get ready to LAUNCH.  These sessions, run by our Coaches have a focus on the most important part of your project – implementing what you’ve created with your existing and new clients.

We’ll bring you 9 sessions (3 per Client Lifestage) over three days in February (23 / 24 / 25) again broken up by Client Lifestage:

  • 23rd Feb – First Timers
  • 24th Feb – Inbetweeners
  • 25th Feb – O.K. Boomers

Each half day we’ll bring you a session on:

  • Project Progress – what we collectively learned and worked on over the 10 Week Launch Pad Project
  • Project Success – we’ll highlight success stories from AM Maven’s and Mates, who will share what they’ve built over the project (this might be you!!)
  • Project Next – how to take what you’ve learnt, and combine it with future AM events (Workshops, Webinars etc.) and initiatives (Courses and Peer Groups inside the VCZ etc.) to keep moving forward onto your next 10 Week Project.

Sessions Run by: Our Partner, Practitioner and Industry Coaches

Choose your Peer Group in the Virtual Collaboration Zone


Peer Groups + Virtual Collaboration Zone = a chance to collaborate with colleagues and place to work together!

We can’t be together in person at LTMA Launch Pad this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the AM Family together virtually, to collaborate, connect and share ideas – all while working together on your 10 Week Launch Pad Project.

The Virtual Collaboration Zone is where everything takes place at LTMA Launch Pad including:

  • dedicated Peer Group rooms for each Client Lifestage (First Timer / Inbetweeners / O.K. Boomers)
  • Topics for each Peer Group to allow you to narrow your focus (e.g. Lifestyle Protection for First Timers or Investment Advice for O.K. Boomers etc.)
  • Events Zone – links to each session, plus a Chat Room where you can start the conversation pre-session, and continue the collaboration post session.

With all this functionality and more, this is why we’ll be running LTMA Launch Pad through the VCZ instead of an event app (which we know you’ll appreciate…)

If you haven’t already – make sure you Join the AM VCZ to collaborate with your LTMA Launch Pad colleagues

You’ll get Lifetime Access to the On Demand recordings inside our School


The Advice Movement School is where you’ll find recordings of all Blueprint and Blast-Off sessions (26 in total) plus your Workbooks and BONUS content

The Advice Movement school is where you’ll find recordings of all Blueprint sessions (17 in total) and Blast-Off sessions (9 in total) which will be available within a week of the sessions.  In addition to recordings of the sessions, you’ll also be able to access:

  • Workbooks for each session
  • Handouts from the sessions including presentation slides (where available)
  • BONUS material provided by the session coach
  • All the other fantastic content that is already available inside the Advice Movement school

The school is free to join, so if you haven’t done so already, you can enrol here now

500Attendees (Max)
35LIVE Sessions
10Week Project
1Awesome Event

Ticket Types & Prices


At LTMA Launch Pad – we apply a fair price policy – so everyone, regardless of role pays the same.

^ All tickets attract an additional card surcharge

The “Sputnik” Ticket for Everyone



* Access to all 17 Live “Blueprint” Sessions

* Access to all 9 Live “Build” Peer Group Sessions

* Access to all 9 Live “Blast-Off” Sessions

* Access to the LTMA Launch Pad Virtual Collaboration Zone Peer Group forum

* 10 Week LTMA Launch Pad project plan Workbook

* Lifetime Access to all 26 recorded Blueprint and Launch Pad sessions

* BONUS ACCESS – to extra workbook content and activities provided by our Advice Movement Partners

* Up to 16 CPD Hours of FPA Certified content

* Ability to collaborate with your industry peers

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