Mia’s story begins like most of ours, and in particular, like most females in Financial Planning – in that she didn’t set out to become a Planner, she sort of ‘fell’ into the role…. but where others may be happy to just bide their time, and wait for their employer to provide an opportunity to develop themselves – Mia decided very early on, that if she wanted to become a Financial Planner, then she needed to take hold of her own development, because the industry won’t do it for her!

Starting out with a goal to become a Fashion Designer could give you a false perception that Mia’s journey into Financial Planning was one driven more by financial reward than one driven by a passion to help others – but it would be a classic Financial Services industry mistake to make… a narrow mindset… because the thing you’ll learn from listening to Mia is she is nothing if not honest and authentic.. to herself and to the industry.

That’s why, when she realised that her inner nerd love for numbers and people, told her it was the right thing to leave her career in Fashion on the factory cutting floor, she didn’t beat herself up about it forever…she just backed herself in and jumped!  With a mindset of “what’s the worst thing that could happen”… that mindset of “give it a go” and “why not” is what has taken Mia to the heights that she’s achieved at such a young age – including winning a very prestigious “Rising Star” award (that certain podcast hosts tried to win but didn’t even make the finalists…. but let’s move on!).

In our Podcast you’ll hear how Mia’s belief in herself has grown since being nominated for, and ultimately winning the Rising Star award.   She is also really grateful for the support and opportunity that she has had from working with the fantastic team at Evalesco, and is already looking to give back to the Industry in general by helping other young Planners (in particular young Female Planners) make their own opportunities and find ways to develop themselves.  She also shares how her Planning conversations have evolved to now include a “Health & Happiness” component which has led to more open and in depth conversations with clients, and how she handles these new ways to engage with clients.

Mia is a role model for young Planners everywhere… looking back to when she was told “you’re too good at what you do – so we need you to stay in this role” she sees that moment as a pivotal one in her career.  Too many young aspiring planners in an administration role, would get that news and sit back and just wait it out – thinking the industry or the practice I’m in will develop me… not Mia.   Because sometimes it not about making the most of the few opportunities you get, Mia teaches us all that if we want success we have to go out and chase it!

Oh..and she takes no ‘fashion responsibility’ for the Evalesco’s love of wearing Football jersey’s in the office….  you can take the girl out of Fashion Design, but you can’t the the Fashion Designer out of the girl!.

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