Who is the conference suitable for?

We’re biased so we think it is suited to everyone.. but if we had to narrow it down we’d say any current or aspiring Financial Adviser that is still looking to be relevant to their clients (both current and future) now and in the next 3 to 5 years.

Product providers and other Industry peeps you are absolutely welcome to come along as well.

Do you have an ``Anti-Harassment`` Policy? Yep we sure do... and it applies to everybody....and by purchasing your ticket you agree to abide by it!

Thanks to the XYPN for creating this policy.  We loved it so much we thought we’d make ours exactly the same.  Here goes…

“Harassment includes offensive verbal comments, related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, technology choices, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately. Advice Industry Partners are subject to the anti-harassment policy and protected by it. Partners should not use sexualised images, activities, or other material. Attendees should not use sexualised clothing/uniforms/costumes, or otherwise create a sexualised environment. If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, the conference organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the conference with no refund, and being banned from attending any future LTMA or The Advice Movement event in person or online.”

Which ticket type should I buy?

Please see below for which type of ticket to purchase based on your Industry role:

  1. Anyone listed on the ASIC Adviser Register as a CURRENT Financial Adviser – purchase “Adviser & Business Owner” Ticket
  2. Anyone who owns a Financial Planning practice – purchase “Adviser & Business Owner” Ticket
  3. Anyone in a support role at a Financial Planning practice (and must not be on the ASIC Adviser Register as CURRENT) – purchase “Aspiring Adviser” Ticket
  4. Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Financial Coaches – purchase “Adviser & Business Owner” Ticket
  5. Anyone working in a Licensee, Product Provider, Technology, Compliance or any Industry related company – purchase “Industry Crew” Ticket
  6. If upon further investigation we determine that – by mistake – you have purchased the incorrect ticket type, we will contact you directly for payment of the correct amount.
  7. If you dispute our decision you are more than welcome to receive a refund based on our refunds policy.
What is your Refunds policy?

Refunds, Exchanges and Replacement Tickets

Before purchasing tickets, carefully review the event and details. LTMA’19 will only issue a refund for legitimate refund requests up to 14 days prior to the event i.e. we must receive your request in writing (email steve@theadvicemovement.com) no later than 5pm (AEDT) Tuesday the 29th of January, 2019.

Refunds will be based on the amount of your purchase excluding any fees we were charged by Ticketek – and will be refunded into your nominated bank account on or around the 15th of February 2019.

Any requests for refunds after the 29th of January deadline will not be approved.

A change in personal circumstances does not entitle a ticket holder to return or exchange a ticket.Subject to any statutory rights of refund (including, without limitation, the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law), there is no right to a refund or exchange, including where a ticket holder cannot attend because of adverse weather conditions.

What is the dress code?

We only have 3 rules when it comes to Dress Code:

  1. No thongs (safety first people)
  2. Industry Peeps must come in plain clothes (no company branding) – unless you are an LTMA Partner
  3. Dress however you like as long as you follow rule 1 and 2
What is included for catering, what if I have food allergies?

We’ve organised for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea – and we’ve made sure that there are a broad range of Gluten Free options.  If you have specific food allergies we ask that you contact us at least 7 days prior to the event, and if in doubt please obtain your own food as we cannot guarantee 100% allergy free food options.

Oh yeah – there will also be a Coffee & Caffeine Cart

Will there be notepads?

Nope – it’s a conference about 21st century Advice models… so feel free to take notes on your device of choice.

What do I need to bring?

As the conference has a fair bit of Tech involved and given you’re going to be building stuff we do recommend you bring a Laptop or Macbook / Notebook.  Definitely on day 2.  Again bring your charger and we’ll do our best to make it easy for you to charge that bad boy up and keep on building!

I love the environment - and hope you do to... can I bring my own water bottle?

We’re not going to be giving out water bottles, but we will have water stations available for you to fill up… so please remember to bring your own water bottle!

Is there WiFi?

Probably not… everyone has heaps of data on their mobile/cell plans these days so WiFi tends to cause more problems than it solves…  If we decide to offer it we’ll be sure to let you know.   As you will be using your mobile data your battery might drain pretty quick so we’ll have charging stations around – but maybe bring a mobile charger if you’ve got one.

Will the presentations be available post conference?

They sure will…  we’ll make the slides available for Free, and you can even access screencasts of our Presentations from Day 1 for a small fee (details to be provided post Conference – or at the Conference if you’re coming along).

Will the event be CPD point accredited?

Absolutely – and we’ll let you know exactly how many CPD points and how you can access them after the conclusion of the event.  Assume it is the standard amount for a 2 day event and be pleasantly surprised if it ends up being more!

How do I get to the Venue?

Google maps works pretty well these days… and if you can’t figure out how to use Google Maps then maybe this event isn’t for you… not being rude… just realistic…

For those coming in from the airport you can Uber, Taxi or even better jump on the Skybus that goes all the way to the city..

What's the go with the School Social and Prom Night?

Simply by registering for the event you will be entry into both the School Social and Prom Night.  The events will be held at offsite venues around Melbourne CBD so stay tuned for more details.  The School Social will include a drink on arrival and some light snacks – then drinks and food are at your cost.  Prom Night will include food and drinks (Beer, Wine & softdrink) for the duration of the event… if you want to kick on then drinks are on you.  

What about accommodation?

Well Steve’s joint is full up… but we’ll reserve some rooms at a Hotel in the CBD (details to be provided soon) and there are loads of awesome AirBnB joints available around Melbourne.  There are plenty of Back Packer Hostels as well for the budget conscious and anti-sleep fans..

I've been to one of your Webinars, are the Presentations exactly the same?

First of all thanks for joining us on a webinar!  And yes they will be on a similar topic, but in way more detail… so “no, not really”. 

I have a question that isn't on the FAQ's - who can I contact about that?

We love questions… well… Steve loves questions, so feel free to hit him up on email via Steve@TheAdviceMovement.com