#LTMA20 Sessions and Speakers – Pre-Conference Workshops


Pre-Con 1: How to Use Video to Nail and Scale Your Insurance Advice Process

Tues 11th Feb @ 12.45pm to 4.15pm @ MLC Life Insurance HQ, Tower 2, 727 Collins St.

Workshop learning outcomes

– Identify and apply changes to areas of the life insurance advice process that can be ‘digitised’ to enhance your advice process and client experience

  • Develop a preassessment process to enhance your client experience and advice recommendation
  • Learn how to build a pre-built video library to improve the efficiency of your process and client engagement

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to:
– create a video library
– Improve your virtual meeting skills
– Use technology like jotform to improve your pre-assessment process

Then this is a workshop not to be missed

Taught By: Phil Thompson (Thompson Financial Services) & Walid Harach (MLC Life Insurance)

CPD Allocation – 3 Hours – exact split TBC

Pre-Con 2: School’s in Session…. Building an Education Planning & Funding offer for your Family clients.

Tues 11th Feb @ 12.45pm to 4.15pm @ Australian Unity HQ,  271 Spring St.

Workshop learning outcomes

Steve Crawford – Head Teacher for Education Planning will teach you how to:
o Position the value of Education Planning during your prospective client discussions
o Help your clients understand how much they can afford for their Education Plan both now and in the future
o Objectively facilitate your client’s discussion and decision around their kids’ Education path
o Propose an Education Funding option that helps them lower their Education Planning costs.

Colin Falls & Kellie Crouch – Head Teachers for Education Funding will:
o Teach you an in-depth discussion of the traditional education funding methods
o Run a session on Investment Bond myth-busting,
o Explore a case study with the group considering how Investment Bonds and specifically Education Bonds may provide a solution in preparing for future education costs.

Taught By: Steve Crawford (Experience Wealth) & Kellie Crouch and Colin Falls (Australian Unity)

CPD Allocation – 3 Hours – exact split TBC

Pre-Con 3: Advice Tech Roadmap and Business Upgrade & Automation Workshop

Tues 11th Feb @ 12.45pm to 4.15pm @ Netwealth HQ,  52 Collins St.

Workshop learning outcomes

AdviceTech Roadmap Workshop (Part 1)
This part of the workshop will help you prioritise and develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.

Our AdviceTech Roadmap workshop will help you prioritise technology solutions and develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.

Identifying your best next projects – Business Upgrade & Automation (Part 2)

During this part of the workshop, we will step through a technique that helps us to draw out the challenges in our business, and then prioritises which ones will have the biggest immediate impact on the team as a whole. Not only will you experience this technique as a participant, you will also walk away with tools & cheat sheets to enable you to run one of these workshops yourself back in the office.

Taught By: Andrew Braun (Netwealth) and Peita Diamantidis (Caboodle Financial Services)

CPD Allocation – 3 Hours – exact split TBC

Pre-Con 4: The X Factor

Tues 11th Feb @ 12.45pm to 4.15pm @ BT HQ,  150 Collins St.

Workshop learning outcomes

In this workshop brought to you BT, you’ll take a journey into the big and the small of setting your practice up with its own “Experience Factor”.

Laura Dinneen (Head of Nudge at Westpac Next) will deliver a high impact, thought-provoking workshop exploring the five key trends in client retention with a focus on experience, including:

  • going beyond the loyalty points program,
  • future-proofing clients for success.
  • cross-industry examples from around the world, and t
  • the behavioural science of why these trends matter.

Then Audere Founder & Business Coach Stewart Bell (The Leveraged Advice Firm, Finnovation) will dive into the practical things you can do to leverage this insight in your business straight away, including:

  • How to scale your client engagement and communication to add value and bring clients closer.
  • How to engage, involve and ultimately retain clients longer by controlling that all-important first 90 day experience.

Key factors to get pricing and service offers right and the role tech can play in bringing the human-to-human element to the fore.

Taught By: Laura Dinneen (Westpac / BT) and Stewart Bell (Audere Consulting)

CPD Allocation – 3 Hours – exact split TBC

Pre-Con 5: Portfolio Construction for the 2020’s and beyond

Tues 11th Feb @ 12.45pm to 4.15pm @ Sunsuper HQ,  575 Bourke St.

Now more than ever before, all Financial Adviser’s must have a robust investment philosophy built around their client’s goals and needs…

This workshop aims to bring market leading investment views from both sides of the investment process… the Adviser and the Asset Manager perspective – with one aim in common – to build a robust Portfolio Construction model that can take your clients into the 2020’s and beyond with confidence.

Combining the expertise of specialist Investment Advice firm (Story Wealth) and one of Australia’s largest super funds (~$70 billion of AUM) this workshop will help you close the gap between Client Focussed and Member Focussed Investment approaches.

The Workshop Agenda includes:

  • Developing a process to step through client needs, problem solving objections or hurdles, exploring possible solutions and ultimately having a fully engaged client on board with your investment recommendations
  • Worked examples of different Portfolio Construction approaches
  • Case studies of different client types and approaches to building investment portfolios
  • Some suggested models that you can deploy back in the office.

The Workshop Learning outcomes will be that you will have:

  • Developed the basis of your 2020’s Investment Philosophy including a stress test of your current approach, and any new approaches you might choose to adopt
  • Built a working model for constructing investment portfolios to meet a broad range of client needs
  • Explored different ways to help clients reconcile between their investment needs and wants, ultimately making an informed investment decision.

Taught By: Andrew Fisher & Anne Blayney (Sunsuper) & Anne and David Graham (Story Wealth)

CPD Allocation – 3 Hours – exact split TBC

#LTMA20 Sessions and Speakers –


Photo by Stephen McKenzie (0425 846 182).


Professor of Physical Activity and Mental Health in the Institute of Health and Sport at Victoria University

Wed 12th Feb @ 9.00am in Conversation Quarter

Session Title – Taking Action For Your Mental Health

You can’t have a conference theme around “School” and not bring in a legit Professor… which is why it is fantastic that Alex is taking time out from her busy researching schedule to spend some time with our LTMA20 attendees.

So much of our time is focused on our own clients’ mental health and well being… but what about our own?  In this session Professor Parker will share with us ways to increase our awareness and understanding of sources of stress and increase our confidence in talking about mental health concerns. She’ll walk us through the positive actions we can all start making today to improve our own mental health – and share with us along the way some of the amazing results that her research is creating in the field of the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

At School/Uni Alex was most likely to – Most likely to be a scientist – I loved genetics

Russell Hannah (2)v2


MLC Life Insurance – General Manager, Retail Insurance Distribution

Wed 12th Feb @ 9.50am in Conversation Quarter

Ensuring the sustainability of life insurance advice: New ways of thinking

MLC Life Insurance believes in quality, lifelong financial advice and evidence shows that more Australians would benefit from receiving quality financial advice. Fundamental to providing that advice, while ensuring the success and sustainability of the Australian life insurance industry are financial advisers.
Russell Hannah, General Manger – Retail Insurance Distribution, discusses the sustainability of life insurance advice and what MLC Life Insurance is doing in response to challenges facing the industry. In keeping with ‘Less talk, more action’, Russell will discuss some of the options being considered by life insurers to address sustainability, explore new ideas and concepts, and share ways of thinking that can prepare advisers to be 2020 Advice ready.

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Technical | 0.75 Hours – Life Insurance (ASIC)

Andrew Fisher (full) Sept 2019


Head of Asset Allocation & Investments | Sunsuper

Wed 12th Feb @ 2.30pm in Conversation Quarter

Investing in the New School environment

Andrew joined Sunsuper in November 2015, from the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation. Prior to spending 1 year at NZ Super, Andrew spent an additional 4 years with Sunsuper, first joining in 2010. Andrew has over 15 years investment industry experience including roles at Milliman, CCK Financial Solutions and the Commonwealth Bank.

Andrew is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries Australia and holds a Bachelor or Commerce and a Bachelor of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. Andrew is a four-time recipient of the Andrew Prescott Memorial Prize from the Actuaries Institute.

At School/Uni Andrew was most likely to – TBC

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Technical | 0.75 Hours – Managed Investments (ASIC)

The Great School Debate – #TeamOldSchool vs #TeamNewSchool

Wed 12th Feb @ 4.10pm in Conversation Quarter

Now now students… settle down… the School Debate will being shortly…”  said the School Principal as he takes the stage in front of the (small but eager) audience at LTMA’20…. “Let me firstly introduce to you the members of #TeamOldSchool and #TeamNewSchool.. 


  • Melissa Crawford (School Captain) – MLC Life Insurance
  • Mark Stubbings / – Sunsuper
  • Colin Falls – Australian Unity
  • Anne Graham – Story Wealth


  • Matt Heine (School Captain) – Netwealth
  • Julian Plummer / – Midwinter
  • Michael Baquie – BT
  • Peita Diamantidis – Caboodle Financial Services

Following on from the huge success of the “Tech Stack Off in St. Kilda” we’ve decided to raise the stakes… this years battle will take us all back to high school… where we will bring a modern take to the classic School Debate.

Team New School and Team Old School will battle it out to convince you that “The most important element of being 2020’s Advice Ready is….”

Our LTMA Attendees will decide who wins using our interactive voting system… this is for bragging rights to start off the next decade…


CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Client Care & Practice | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)

Chris Mather Head shot


Head of Distribution | BT Platforms and Investments

Thurs 13th Feb @ 8.45am in Conversation Quarter

Key Insights and Trends from the BT US Study Tour

In this session, Chris Mather will contrast the development we have seen in the US market against the opportunity we see in the Australian market over the medium term.  We will cover key themes including intergenerational wealth, digital transformation and automation as we look to reset in 2020 and beyond.

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Senior Business Development Manager NSW/ACT | Australian Unity

Thurs 13th Feb @ 10.50am in Conversation Quarter

Education is more than just formal schooling

A great education is about more than tuition, it’s about a great experience that prepares children for the future.

No matter what a child chooses to pursue, education comes at a significant cost to families and the cost is continually rising. The unknown nature of educational expenses is reason to help your clients to save early.

Australian Unity’s life stage research can help advisers understand the context of what is happening in a family’s life and when an appropriate time is to kick start the discussions about the how, when and why of looking outside the traditional methods of education funding.

At School/Uni Colin was most likely to – TBC

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Technical | 0.75 Hours – Financial Planning (ASIC)


Managing Director | Midwinter and Kamino

Thurs 13th Feb @2.15pm in Conversation Quarter

The goals based advice hoax (This is not a presentation, It’s an outburst…)

Despite the hype, goals-based advice is not the future of the financial planning industry, at least not in its current form…The goals-based advice approach aims to put the client’s goals at the centre of the advice process to tailor advice accordingly. However, clients often have multiple goals with varying priorities, creating a complex situation with conflicting requirements. In this environment, considering goals in isolation is not the best way to provide compliant advice that’s in the best interest of your clients.

You need to understand and consider all of the client’s goals as well as their desired time-frame, priorities and appetite for risk in order to provide advice that is truly in the best interest of your clients.

In this session I will look at the flaws of goal-based advice and how you can use technology to effectively implement multi-goal advice in your practice.

At School/Uni Julian was most likely to – TBC



General Manager – Marketing | Netwealth

Thurs 13th Feb @3.05pm in Conversation Quarter

Innovation starts with curiosity

In this presentation, Netwealth will explore different approaches to innovation, and highlights a framework called the ’10 types of innovation’ with practical examples for financial advisers.

At School/Uni Andrew was most likely to – TBC

#LTMA20 Sessions and Speakers –


Peita Diamantidis - Web Resolution-001


Managing Director | Caboodle Financial Services

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.05am in Conversation Quarter

Speaking with confidence

Does the thought of speaking in public horrify you?

Do you sit in the crowd watching the presenters at conferences and wonder how the hell they do it?

Well, my session will dive into how public speaking is no longer what we thought it was. The times have changed and now, the nervous and less polished speakers out there can demand $$$ for their presentations.


Passion. Authenticity. Delivering REAL value.

So I would ask you this. Do you truly want to help people? Do you have a unique viewpoint you feel might resonate with a section of the market? Then you need to seriously consider upping your speakery game.

Speaking is a largely untapped source of leads for your business and I will step you through how to get over your nerves, designing a presentation that rocks, and how to position your preso in an ecosystem that takes prospects through a journey that works for them.

At School/Uni Peita was most likely toTBC

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Audere Coaching & Consulting – Business Coach & Founder

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.05am in Village Roadshow Theatrette

Are You Experienced?

If I told you that there was a way you could reduce cost to serve, increase client loyalty and engagement, and attack the challenges of the past 18 months on the front foot, and it would also remove many of the roadblocks in your business, who wouldn’t be interested. The opportunity lies in client experience, which is fast eclipsing price and proposition and the #1 of consumer decision making. In this session, I’m going to ramp up the practical to 11, sharing not only why this matters so much in 2020 to next-gen advice firms, but how to make your client experience your point of differentiation across the way you communicate, the tech you use, price your services and share your expertise with the world.

In this session:

  1. You will learn how to adapt your language to remove the blocks that stop more clients from engaging with advice and mastering their money
  2. We’ll explore how tech should be used to support human-to-human value delivery, and common mistakes that allow it to inhibit.
  3. We’ll address the new world of fair value and best interests as it relates to your service offerings and pricing, and how to structure it all to ensure ongoing engagement and retention.
  4. Finally, we’ll lay out how to master the first 90 days by design, to unlock the benefits of having all clients engaging with your business in a way that maximises efficiency and impact.

At School Stewart was most likely toend up doing something that was both completely unexpected but utterly obvious in hindsight….. 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Client Care & Practice | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)

Jenny Pearse headshot 2


Managing Director | Jenesis

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.05am in Isabella Fraser Room

Digital Marketing – Are your people listening?

Now more than ever, marketing is a people thing….

Digital media and platforms have allowed all of us as consumers to take a peek into the personal side of people’s brands and businesses. But, what does that mean for you as financial advisers when you seek to market who you are and what you?

Jenny Pearse, Marketing and Business Consultant, will unpack how to uncover who your “people” are and embrace them more effectively in communicating your value to them. If you’re looking for more cut through in your digital market strategy, or perhaps your current marketing efforts aren’t connecting with your ideal audience; then this is the session for you.

Let’s test just how well you know your ideal audience!

After leaving school Jenny was most likely tohmm… still thinking about this one.… 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Money Coach | Experience Wealth

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.55am in Conversation Quarter

Money Coaching – what the heck is it and how does it fit in my Financial Planning process?

Call it what you want, Money Coaching, Financial Coaching, Budget Coaching…. it has the same purpose

To help your clients make smarter, more confident decisions around their ‘money and lifestyle goals’. Specifically I’m talking about helping them figure out, how much they earn, what it costs to be them, what a ‘decent lifestyle is’, and how much they can save on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  Finally it’s about helping them figure out what it will take to reach their specific money goals – like buying/renovating property, schooling their kids, starting or expanding their family and mapping out a return to work/adjusted work plan.

For over 10 years, Steve had been delivering a “Money Coaching” offer to his Experience Wealth GenXY clients as part of his Financial Planning process.  But since July 2019, he has offered his Money Coaching service on it’s own and working side by side with external Financial Planning firms.

In this session Steve will:

  • Explain Money Coaching is and isn’t
  • Map out a high level process for helping clients determine the right amount to put towards the most common Money Goals (Property, Family, Schooling)
  • Walk through how he interacts with the Financial Planners he works with – so that Financial Planning is still seen as a critical part of the process
  • Answer every question you might have…including those pesky compliance ones…
  • Help you decide whether you should ditch your FP gig and become a Money Coach, include it as part of your FP offer, or not bother

Nothing’s off limits in this session, so if you are thinking about Money Coaching, or your already do it…he’d love to see you there!

After leaving school Steve was most likely tobe just as annoying as ever.… and still love being at the front of the stage.

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours Technical – | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Managing Director | AdTorque Edge

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.55am in Village Roadshow Theatrette

Digital Advertising Foundations

90% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and through researching, can have 130+ digital touchpoints before they make a purchase, including searches, video views, website visits, social media clicks and review reads….

Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, and it is becoming increasingly evident that, unless companies adapt their advertising to customers’ expectations, they will be left behind.

So, how should you be advertising in this competitive market, to ensure you are reaching potential customers before your competitors do? The answer is, to be “always on”, establishing strategies that continually target customers, regardless of how far along they are in their purchasing journey.

In his time with you digital advertising specialist, Gavin Cox will run you through the foundations that need to be in place to ensure you are maximising your opportunities to attract new customers, whilst minimising the wastage associated with ad-hoc, scatter-gun marketing.

Gavin will impart on you, the extensive knowledge he has gained through 15+ years working with the country’s biggest advertising spenders, the automotive industry, giving you best-in-class tips, tricks, and techniques to ensure you to are always front and centre when a prospect is online.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Google My Business – why it is a vital part of your digital footprint
  • Websites – how to get the most out of them
  • Search Engine Optimisation – what it is and why you need it
  • Social Media Management – what you should include on your business profiles
  • Facebook Advertising – how it works, and how to get the most out of it
  • Google Advertising – how it works, and how to get the most out of it

After leaving school Gavin was most likely toend up with a career in alcohol sales – combining his two great passions in life.… 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)

James Millard


Managing Director & Adviser | Sufficient Funds

Wed 12th Feb @ 11.55am in Isabella Fraser Room

From Money Nerd to IT Geek: embedding the right tech in your advice biz

Integrating and embracing technology in your business is no longer a luxury or a nice to have. In 2020, it is a requisite to your success…

5 years ago, James started a business with literally no idea about tech, but is now enjoying a completely virtual lifestyle, with a remote-working team and a rapidly growing client base. Applying a heavy tech-focus, with plenty of trials and countless errors along the way, allowed Sufficient Funds to successfully onboard 48 new clients in 2019.

Embedding the right tech solutions at every point plays a major role in maximising output, increasing staff fulfilment (and fun!), and of course client engagement. Learn how James and the SF team trial, test and tweak to set up for continued success.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to find new tech
  • How to test it without blowing up your current processes or costing you a bomb
  • How James has completely removed himself from many parts of the advice process, including the back and forth around meeting times
  • How to ensure that clients respect your time and only call when it’s really important. Doing this without ever compromising on client experience
  • The exact tech stack the SF team uses to run it all and the importance of being flexible rather than chasing perfection

After leaving school James was most likely tostart a clothing company, sell it for millions and never work a full time job in his life.… 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Client Care & Practice | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Physician Wealth Services (Financial Advisor) & Financial Residency Podcast (Host)

Wed 12th Feb @ 3.20pm in Conversation Quarter

Rookie-Proof Your Financial Planning Podcast

Start a podcast, they said. The prospects will flock, they said. I’ll make the big-bucks and become a podcasting superhero… the crowd roars.

At least that’s the idea, but it doesn’t quite work out that way for the podcasting first-timer. Podcasting for a lot of people turns out to be a dead end. Why? The idea is there, but ultimately, they don’t know how to create a profitable and marketable show. In the financial planning space, this is even more true leaving the average rookie and half-arsed financial planner reducing themselves to the dull oblivion of empty airwaves (forget not the few downloads from mom and extended cousins).

So what is a financial planner to do? They listen to Ryan Inman, aka the Buddha belly of podcasting and your podcast’s saving grace. Yeah, someone like him exists and he wants to #teachyouhisways. Join Ryan as he helps you transform your ideas for a podcast into a well-oiled (well, somewhat) machine.

In this session, you’ll revel in the following:

1. How Ryan generated 240 leads in 2019… and how you can too
2. What his sales funnel looks like… so you can duplicate it
3. Why developing a strategy, infrastructure, and workflow process BEFORE your podcast begins… increases your chances of success
4. Why diversifying interview structures (i.e., panels, interviews, solo shows, and show take-overs) keeps your audience engaged… and becoming a raving fan
5. Creating the avatar for your clientele and developing your branding assets around what they want… because it’s not about you
6. How to capitalize on scaling your business with the podcast by giving away everything you know… ‘cause, again, it’s not all about you, at least for the moment

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Client Care & Practice | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Elixir Consulting

Wed 12th Feb @ 3:20pm in Village Roadshow Theatrette

Pricing in the 2020’s

Pricing Advice has always been a challenge, and may feel almost impossible in the current environment. Elixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic and Andrew George will help you regain your confidence with how to profitably engage your clients in future. .

In this session you’ll face your fears and get solutions for:

  1. How to price your services in a period of rising costs and decreasing revenues
  2. Asset-Based fees may be on the nose, so can you still create a fixed fee pricing model that is flexible for higher account balances and complexity (and should you?)
  3. Pricing ongoing services in a world of annual renewals
  4. Where to collect your fees from with increased scrutiny on sole purpose test
  5. Get your confidence back to pitch your fees to new clients AND lift ongoing fees for existing clients

At School Sue & Andrew were most likely tolet us know once they’ve had a chance to think on it….. 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Client Care & Practice | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)



FPA Australia | CPD Co-ordinator

Wed 12th Feb @ 3:20pm in Isabella Fraser Room

Future of CPD

The FASEA requirements for Continuing Professional Development have had a significant impact on the delivery of training in financial planning…

But what do the changes mean for you? The FPA led work amongst associations and providers to arrive at a shared understanding of what counts as CPD under the new FASEA framework. We’ll share this, industry trends, breakdown your responsibilities around CPD, and clarify what you need to be looking for when searching out quality CPD.

If you’re unclear about the current CPD requirements this is your chance to get all your questions answered.

At School Despina was most likely tolet us know once she’s had a chance to think on it….. 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – Professionalism & Ethics | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Naomi Christopher, Jenny Pearse, Nicole Heales

Thurs 13th Feb @ 9.35 am in Conversation Quarter

Movement Mavens Talk Marketing

The Advice Movement Mavens – Jenny Pearse, Naomi Christopher and Nicole Heales get together for a fireside chat to talk about some of the intricacies involved in marketing and content with financial advice…

Unlike a lot of other consumer industries, the target market for financial advice can be quite niche, and it can often be a slow burn for new clients to realise the value of your services. So how can you achieve cut through and ensure you are resonating with your target market, efficiently, consistently and effectively?
Jenny, Naomi and Nicole will distil topics such as:

  • Nailing your target audience
  • How to create engaging, click worthy content across multiple medias and platforms
  • How to efficiently develop and deliver your marketing / content strategy
  • What to look for when picking a marketing / content consultant

If you want to get down to some of the conceptual nitty gritty behind how to nail your message, from industry peeps who are doing this well, day in day out – come along to this session.

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Founder | Striver & Grad Mentor

Thurs 13th Feb @ 9.35am in Village Roadshow Theatrerette

Making your firm an awesome place to work

In this session we will cover some of the common mistakes and triumphs that firms have in attracting, engaging and retaining the next generation of talent.

In this session, you’ll will learn:

  1. What makes a great place to work
  2. How to showcase that
  3. How to not stuff it up

After finishing school Alisdair was most likely toperform at the Edinburgh Tattoo… 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)

Danielle photo


5 ELK, Oh My Pod and 3Genies

Thurs 13th Feb @ 9.35am in Isabella Fraser Room

What Henry Ford can teach us about building the advice business of the future

I will show you that building a global team isn’t just ‘some fad’; it is fast becoming an essential ingredient for survival and growth…

Sharing my road-tested lessons for what the most successful outsourcing relationships look like, I will demonstrate that the principles of growing an efficient and profitable business are exactly the same as they’ve always been; we just have better tools and opportunities to achieve this than ever before.

In this session, you’ll will learn:

  1. Why every business needs to open their doors to a globalised workforce
  2. The key components of every successful outsourcing relationship
  3. The common misconceptions that advisers have about overseas team members, and why it may be useful to reconsider these
  4. How the benefits of outsourcing extend far beyond your business’ financials
  5. The tech tools that the most efficient advisers are using each day

At School Danielle was most likely tobe the first person on the dance floor… 

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Moderated by Trish Gregory with panellists – Luke Grundy, Hayley Pearse and Mike Mayrand

Thurs 13th Feb @ 11.40 am in Conversation Quarter

Startup Business Panel (< 5 years running/co-running a Financial Planning firm)

This one is all about getting started….

If you’re in your first 5 years of running or co-running a firm, thinking about starting out solo, or buying into a firm… this Panel discussion is all about you.  Join our awesome AM family members who are going to share the good, the great, the bad and the ugly about the first 5 years in practice.

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Moderated by Steve Crawford with panellists Natallia Smith, John Manserra and Crystal Broadfoot

Thurs 13th Feb @ 11.40 am in Village Roadshow Theatrette

Next Stage Business Panel (5 – 15 years running/co-running a Financial Planning firm)

This one is all about building on a solid history….

If you’ve made it through the first 5 years of running or co-running a firm, and you’re not quite at the super experienced level yet (15+ years) … this Panel discussion is all about you.  Join our awesome AM family members who are going to share the challenges they are all facing, and ways they are winning, now that they’ve had a fair few years under their belt…

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)


Moderated by Paul Kearney with panellists Anne Graham, Mark Connell and Deb Kent

Thurs 13th Feb @ 11.40 am in Isabella Fraser Room

Established Business Panel (15+ years running/co-running a Financial Planning firm)

This one is all about maximising the upside of 15+ years of hard work…

For those of you have seen it all over the last 15+ years of running or co-running a firm, this Panel discussion is for you.  Join our awesome AM family members who are going to share the unique perspective that comes with a decade and a half of experience, and what they see in store for the future, whether that is in the business or on their way to the exit door…

CPD Allocation – 0.75 Hours – General | 0.75 Hours – Skills (ASIC)